The key words for all management teams -

and, in fact, for all entrepreneurs – are cooperation and trust. Without these, effective leadership is impossible, especially further from the centre of the organisation.

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Opinions & ideas


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We help your organisation reach the next level

Expressions such as ‘change management’, ‘vitalisation’, ‘focused effort’ and ‘implementation’ often indicate a desire to turn a well thought-through strategy into an everyday reality. It involves improving the efficiency of expertise and existing resources to take the organisation to the next level.

Needs of this type are the starting point for the assignments undertaken by Impact. Sometimes, we become actively involved in the operation. At other times we operate in the ‘back office’, and sometimes we act as advisors. We are consultants with many years’ experience of helping people and organisations.

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Our latest book

Livskraftigt ledarskap / Vigorous Leadership

Why do some organizations work better than others?

The usual answer is ‘great leadership’, but what does this really mean to the managers who are there to exercise leadership?

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